My Journey Towards To Acne Free Skin - Products and Methods I've Used (Part I)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Before I achieved a clear skin, I've been to a lot of acne-clearing procedures that includes 
a lot of pain, costed me a lot of money and even, a lot of anxiety.

Before anything else, I want to remind everyone that 
the products and procedures I've had and done 
may not have worked on me, but may work for you.

I am in no way and in position, 
to give advice on what's best for your skin since 
I'm not a dermatologist.

No one paid me to write good or bad statements from each product and method mentioned in this post. 

Brief History:

I had my first acne breakout when I was a pre-teen (around 9 or 10 years old). 
Yep, that early since I got my period at an early age too.
Did I just say that?

We all know that acne/pimples has something to do with your hormones.

I started to use acne-clearing products at the age of 12.
(Since some dermatology clinics told me that 
being a 9-year-old kid was too young to start those 
kind of products and procedures.)

So, I'll be indicating here the products and methods that I've used before:
(Tried my best in remembering all of them. If not, most of them.)

(Photo from google)

1.) Eskinol Classic White Toner

My mom was told that I should try using Eskinol Classic White with erythromycin mixed in it.

Erythromycin is an anti-bacterial medicine, an antibiotic medicine.

The toner would then be from a clear color to a hot pink one. 

It is supposedly to be anti-bacterial and will help to fight pimples. 

Result:  It did not work for me.

2.) Facial Wash from a Dermatologist Clinic

Didn't find the exact product on google. 

This facial wash was like Cetaphil but with dried leaves mixed in it.

 I used it to wash my face day and night.

Apparently, it didn't work 
since I do believe that I have to use some products along with it, 
but that was the only product given to me. 

And at this period, I already stopped using Eskinol.

(Photo from google)

3.) Top-Gel Soap

An employee in our company told my mom 
to buy meTop-gel Soap to help clear my pimples since it worked for her. 

You can buy this soap at Chinese drugstores 
(the ones in Ongpin or in our case before, the one in Baclaran). 

This soap is supposedly to help fight pimples and whitens the skin. 

It actually worked! 
But... It didn't last long. :(

I guess my skin got immune from its ingredients 
and decided not to cooperate anymore at all!

4.) Facial Treatment

This procedure involves: 
cleaning, facial massage, steam, extraction or pricking, and facial masks. 

How can I not forget this method? 

This made me depressed every single time I undergo this treatment. 


I didn't like the extraction or pricking part of the treatment. 

There was NO time that I didn't cry from this part. :(

(Photo from google)

5.) Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit

I was actually torn between buying Proactiv or this set from Clean & Clear. 
Since I was too broke to buy Proactiv, I bought this set then.

 This one is actually cheaper than Proactiv allowing me to buy it within my budget's limit. 

My mom was definitely against it 
since she told me that Clean & Clear products are not effective. 

Being the stubborn daughter that I was, I bought it to give it a try. 

And... Yeah, it didn't work for me. 

My pimples got worst after using it. :(

(Photo from google)

6.) Proactiv Solution

As years go by, I frantically got frustrated because my acne doesn't disappear. 
It actually got worst from time to time. 

A classmate of mine told me to give proactiv a try. 
I've been seeing this proactiv solution product at Watsons. 

30-Day Kit - Php 2,495.00
60-Day Kit - Php 3,995.00

If I remember it right, I consumed 1 set 30-Day Kit and 2 sets of 60-Day Kit. 
Whooping total of Php 10,485.00!

It actually worked but, not for long... again. 

Apparently, the school nurse in my high school told me that, 
as I use the product all over again, my skin gets immune from its ingredients. 

Making it less effective than the first time I've tried it.

(Photo from google)

6.) Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-Step Kit

The story behind me using this product was when a person close to our family 
went to US and asked me what pasalubong I want.

Since I am getting too much broke from buying Proactiv, 
I asked him to buy me a 60-Day Kit there in US 
since it would be cheaper to buy there.

He did try his best to find me one, but he couldn't. 
So, he got me this.

And again... It didn't work for me. :( 

Maybe because it's a product that was tested to a 
Western type of skin and not for Asians. 
Idk, really.

(Photo from google)

7.) Althea Oral Contraceptive Pills

You've read it right, I did resort to using contraceptive pills to clear my skin. 
This was under the supervision of the school nurse in my high school. 

She "sort of" told me to try taking pills to see if it'll clear my skin. 
Since pimples are related to hormones. 

Yeah, I gave it a shot with my mother's permission. 
I think I consumed 2 to 3 boxes for 2 to 3 months (1 box = 1 month).

My acne lessened but, the fudge, the side effects of taking this pill was eating me up. 
One of which is anxiety. 

There was one time where I cried for no apparent reason. 
Crazy, right?

Then another side effect was weight gain. 

I gained a lot of pounds from using this! :( 
Which made my anxiety worst. 

I then stopped taking this mid-way of the month.

I let my mom try it. 
After 2 to 3 days, she complained that there came a time when she was suddenly upset. 
I told her it was the pill's side effect. 
Then she stopped it too.

8.) Homemade Acne Soap from an OB-GYNE Doctor

Couldn't find a photo that would best fit the homemade soap. 

During one of my mom's regular check-ups in her OB-GYNE, 
she suddenly blurted out that I was taking Althea pills to clear my skin. 

The doctor was shocked knowing that I was young to take one. 
And, she doesn't advice me to take it. 

Even other doctors who were asking about the medicines I've taken before
practically said that I shouldn't take one anymore.

Then my mom's OB-GYNE doctor suggested my mom that 
I should use a homemade soap (I think it was from one of her patients.). 

Yep, it didn't work... again. :( 

9.) Treatments, Products and Medicines from Dermclinic

I was on my 4th year in high school when I tried the services of Dermclinic (SM Sucat branch). 
All because I wanted to look beautiful on our graduation ball. 
Hihihi! ;P

A classmate suggested me to give it a try since me and my friends noticed that her skin got clear.

Bringing my mom along (After all, she's my financer. *insert evil laugh*)
we went to avail the Acne Clear Advance. 

As far as I could remember, I think we paid around 
Php 10,000.00 (plus or less) for 5 sessions 
since they were having a promo at that time.

PS. I didn't just have 5 sessions with them, I've had more from the previous years.

What I liked about the ACA was the glycolic acid application
The glycolic acid makes your skin peel. 
Revealing a new skin afterwards. 

What I didn't like about the ACA was the extraction or pricking part
Yeah, I remembered telling you guys earlier that I hate it. 
But this one was far most the one I really hate. 

Why did I say so? 
Some facial treatment centers uses small needles to prick a pimples. 
In dermclinic, they use scalpel blade to prick pimples. 
Ouch to the n-th level! 
Not to mention, I've had deep scars after the entire sessions from them. :(

They told me that the scars would then disappear upon using the 
NuDerm Supreme Kit. 
Yeah, it did. 
But some of the very deep scars didn't. 

And the doctor told me that after my ACA treatment and all the acne cleared up, 
I can already move on with their 
Auto Skin Micro-Needling Dermal Roller 
which intends to remove deep scars from acne.

Yes, the whole procedure worked for me. 

But it didn't really cleared all my pimples which were all 
over my face, neck, chest and back.

Plus, this procedure just left me big crater-like scars.

10.) Products from Snoe

Bought this out of curiosity. 

Snoe is made in the Philippines! ;) 

Knowing it is made here in the Philippines, 
it is probably tested on an Asian skin, Filipina skin to be exact. 
This would probably be more effective for Filipinas and Filipinos then! 

the Shoo-zit Don't Bother Me! Deep Cleansing Acne Wash 
and Shoo-zit Don't Bother Me! Mattifying Acne Toner 
didn't work on me. 

The Dip & Dry Acne Drying Lotion did work 
especially when there's this big stubborn pimple that won't go away!

(Photo from google)

11.) Products from Royale

A relative of my mine suggested me to use 
Royale's Kojic Soap and L-GlutaPower Capsules 
since hers cleared up upon using this.

I knew you guys were asking like why should I drink glutathione since I am already fair and all. Apparently, glutathione is not just for whitening. 
It is also said to be an antioxidant.

Me and my mom gave it a try. 
Even joined the club so that we can buy at a lower price. 

It did work, but not long enough. :(
The soap and the medicine got my body immune with it also. 

After all of it, 
I got to the point where I even wanted to have an acne surgery. 
But dermatologists say that I couldn't since mine is not even the worst case. 

I took a break from all of these things and 
decided not to give a damn about my acne filled skin. 

I was actually thinking that maybe the pimple would 
get tired of growing and 
will decide to leave me the fugde alone.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that these products and methods 
(from the simple products and treatments until the very last prior to the next procedure I had) 
costed me almost 
Php 130,000.00 - I think even higher than this figure!

Don't be disheartened about my experience with these products. 

As I've said earlier, 
it may or may not work for you. 

You really just have to 
search for that "product or method" that 
would really work for your skin

And don't forget that you also have to 
live a healthy lifestyle!
The Promdi Girl said...

Can't wait to read the next post! I have acne too.. On and off ang relationship namin. I have a guess it's because of my hormonal imbalance. I'll know the reason behind it after my check-up. Will try to blog about it! :)

Yhllie said...

Oh, so that's why! Hehehe! ;) Natawa ako doon sa on and off relationship. XD Will definitely wait for your post!

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