My Journey Towards To Acne Free Skin - Thanks to Pretty Looks Ortigas Branch (Part II)

Monday, March 28, 2016

I found "the one"... 
The one who gave me everything I needed to get a clear skin.

I wasn't paid by Pretty Looks to do this blog. 
I'm just one of their satisfied clients. 

All treatments and procedures 
may or may not work 
for you. 

Better have an appointment with them 
since they are more capable of advising on what is 
good for you and for your skin.

How did we get to know Pretty Looks?

Their billboards at NAIA Road were everywhere. 

My mom got curious about their permanent make-up services. 
Specifically, the eyebrow reborn and the lip tint.

When she called them,
she was happy to know that they have a branch at Ortigas. 
Then decided to come there with me.

So, my mom availed the eyebrow reborn and lip tint

I availed the eyebrow reborn only.
She says that I didn't need to have my lips done since I'm still young
and my lips don't need any of those.

As far as I could remember,
a staff with a name of Ms. Jana
(not quite sure of how her name was spelled)
and another staff
(so sorry if I forgot your name! *face palm*) 
was the one who introduced me to their 
Isotretinoin - Acnetrex 10 medication. 

They noticed that I have pimples all over my neck
(which was worst than my face)

Then they introduced me to 
Ms. Steffi Blair Ong, RN (now, Mrs. Chan), 
one of the owners of Pretty Looks who happened to be in the clinic at that time.
I was also under the supervision of Dr. dela Fuente. :)

She told me that she also took Isotretinoin before since she has pimples too.

If I remembered it right, 
a staff there told me that she did have pimples which was worst than mine. 
(Ms. Blair, please do correct me if I'm wrong. Hehehe!)

So, before taking Isotretinoin, 
I signed a contract wherein I've read everything about the Isotretinoin. 

Especially the part wherein Isotret (short cut version)
can also be used as an
abortion pill and could harm your unborn child if you take it while you're pregnant.

It is also stated there that I can't be pregnant during the medication
Fine with me. :P

You also can't, I repeat, CAN'T buy Isotret at your local drugstores 
without having a copy of the signed contract 
since the doctor must have a record or track of the Isotret you've taken.

She even told me not to worry if I'm having second thoughts of taking it. 

My mom was worried about pregnancy issues later on. 
All because of the history where I took oral contraceptive pills before.
She couldn't bear the thought of not having a grandchild/children in the future. 

Ms. Blair was pregnant at that time
and told me that she doesn't seem to encounter any problem
after her Isotret treatment. 
She stopped a year prior to getting pregnant.

Isotret will totally dry you up
so you have to constantly
drink water and use petroleum jelly for your lips
as this medication will also chap your lips.

Practices that Ms. Blair also told me:

1.) Stay away to foods, products and things that might trigger your acne.

2.) Please do use a separate towel for your body and face. 
3.) Make sure you change your bed's linen regularly especially the ones on your pillow.
4.) If possible, don't let your sweat dry on your body.
5.) Use cotton type of clothes.
6.) Take Isotretinoin and use the prescribed products religiously.

Isotretinoin medication can last up to 3 months (for mild acnes)
and 6 months (for severe cases)
and shouldn't be taken longer than 6 months

Personally, I was on Isotret medication for 5 months
Couldn't remember how many pill/s a day I took. 

Here are the products which was prescribed to me:

1.) Isotretinoin Acnetrex 10 (10mg softgel capsule) (I think it was Php 1,500.00/box)

2.) Papulex Isocorrexion Hydrating Cream (around Php 800.00+)
3.) Bactazil Toner
4.) Bactazil Anti-Bacterial Soap
5.) Bioderma Make Up Remover (around Php 600.00+)
6.) Lab46 Acne Defense Gel

PS. All prices were just estimates. 
Couldn't exactly remember how much it was 
and I'm probably sure that there is already a change in the prices of their products.

Here's a photo of me before taking Isotret and after taking it for 5 months.

Year 2014

I am proud to say that the whole process

I didn't even have a major breakout since 2014.

You guys might want to try it too!
The Promdi Girl said...

Waaaah! Ang ganda ng resulta! Worth it naman pala ang bawat peso na nagastos nyo ni Mother Earth mo sissy! :)

Anonymous said...

I know this girl since Highschool and the changes are remarkable.

Yhllie said...

Hahahaha! Nako lang sissy, pwede na akong bumili ng Hyundai Eon pag pinagsama-sama ung amount ng ginastos namin. It's really no joke ang magpaganda. Swerte mo na lang kung born ka with super beautiful skin. Hehehehe! :)

Yhllie said...

Awwww. Yeah, it is. Now I am wondering who you might be. Hehehe! :)

marielcat said...

hi! kamusta na po skin condition nyo after few years? i also took acnetrex isotret jan 2016 to jan 2017. it really cleared up my skin from acne, but ths april 2019, I've been having terrible break outs. and when I consulted my derma, they asked me for a lab test because they will prescribe acnetrex for my acne now.

Yhllie said...

Hi @marielcat! Everything's fine with my skin pa din. Didn't experience any breakout until now. Yun nga lang, I had some small bump like on my face. Then it turned out to be an allergy. So we consulted a allergologist for my allergies then madami pala akong allergy sa foods. My severe allergy was house dust! Kaya iwas-iwas sa mga bawal and I can only use Dove sensitive soap as bath soap.

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