Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix! Mascara in a Tin Can (Limited Edition)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The best feeling in the world for a makeup junkie, is to win a limited edition makeup!

I claimed my prize at Etude House - SM Mall of Asia branch, 
right after Eon and Cookie's (my shoti, a Pekingese puppy and shobe, a Siberian Husky puppy) vaccine at Pet Express. 
Even bought 4 products which I'll be posting a review later on.

Moving on... 
(Photos taken using my Nikon D5100)

Cutie box right? ;)

24 meant as 24 hours of long strongly curled lashes.

The beautiful crafted tin box for keeps. 

This tin box is actually pretty big. 
You could use it to store some tiny stuffs like earrings, so they won't go missing.

Upon opening the box, 
there's a leaflet containing everything about the Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara.

 Full of pink ;)

 Curled lashes for 24 hours! Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara

1. 24 hour long strongly curled lashes

    - Completes powerfully curled up fine eyelashes for 24 hours with its strongly adhering 
Curl 24HR Technology on drooped lashes.

2. Completes finely curled lashes with dual jelly brush

    - "Dual Jelly Brush" which is twice the thickness of lashes finely pulls on 
top, bottom, front and back of lashes for curl.

3. ZERO smudge, strong proof against water and sweat

    - Prevents powdering or smudge from water, sweat and sebum 
with its proof capabilities.

Second page of the leaflet

So, that's how the jelly brush looks like. 
Personally, I would choose this kind of brush over the regular ones since it 
prevents clumping (oh gosh, how I hate 'em) and, 
it helps to distribute the right amount of mascara on your lashes 
making it look as if you wear falsies.

Last page of the leaflet

This last page is for the eyelash curler.
Etude House's tip: More effective when used before mascara.

Never, ever, curl your lashes after putting your mascara.
The tendency to break your lashes is high! 
Not unless you want an uneven length of lashes, would you? 
If you'll do so, I guess it's on your own discretion then.
Don't say I didn't warn 'ya?

 Eyelash curler and Curl Fix mascara

Black eyelash curler with a rubber grip

I prefer to use the metal ones over the plastic curlers. 
Since you could heat this up before curling your eyelash 
for more curled effect. ;)

Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix in Black

Upon checking Etude House's website, 
there are 4 different shades of curl fix mascara:

#01 Black
#02 Brown
#03 Burgundy
#04 Pink

(Got those 2 photos from google) 

The pink one actually intrigues me. 

Actual photo of the jelly brush

My shameless selca showcasing the beauty of the curl fix mascara!

It's as if I wore falsies. :P


- It really does stay for 24 hours and even more!
- It didn't smudge (good for the Philippines' hot weather)
- The eyelash curler does it wonders on curling the lashes. Just remember, you have to replace its rubber when it gets worn out or when you see that it does not curl that good anymore.
- You can even use it on your brows to make it look more tidy and on fleek!

- It doesn't smell good though.

The Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara is not bad for 
Php848.00 (based on Etude House PH's website) 
since they live up to their words.

The Lash Perm Curl Fix Eyelash Curler is about 
Php298.00, not bad if you wanted to invest in a good curler.

I haven't seen this limited edition set yet in their stores. 

Or maybe I just didn't notice it?

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