Derma Roller at Pretty Looks (Ortigas Branch)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Once you get rid of your acne, you would definitely be left with acne scars.
Acne scars seemed to be inevitable, especially when those scars are deep and crater-like.
Even when you treat it with creams or ointments for scars, it just won't do the trick.

You must consult a dermatologist before taking this procedure.

I've first heard of Derma Roller from Dermclinic (SM Sucat Branch). 
They were the ones who introduced me that procedure which can be taken 
after my face gets clear from acne. 

Apparently, my mom did not want me to take Derma Roller procedure in Dermclinic 
due to the scars I've had after availing their Acne Clear Advance. 

Remember my previous post, 
where I said that they use a scalpel blade instead of small needles to prick pimples?

Yep, that is what my mom was disappointed about.

Moving on...

I asked Ms. Blair of Pretty Looks if they have a Derma Roller procedure
 and how much it would cost.
She told me that they do have and that she needed to see me 
so that she could assess my face for the price.

After assessing my face, she quoted me Php 45,000.00 for 4 sessions.
Supposedly, it would be Php 15,000.00 for 1 session.
It seems that I got 1 session for free. 

Facts about Derma Roller:

(Photo from google)

1.) It is a skin device used to treat acne scars, anti-aging, hair loss and stretch marks.

2.) It is consist of microneedles that would penetrate your skin depending on the needles' size to meet the results you wanted.

3.) You must not proceed with the Derma Roller procedure if you still have pimples
As this may spread your acne all over face and make it worst.

4.) It helps to stimulate collagen which is important for the healthy and youthful appearance of skin.

My first session of Derma Roller at Pretty Looks (February 20, 2015)

(Upper right: 1st day, upper left: 2nd day, lower left: 3rd day and lower right: 4th day)

The procedures I've undergone:

1.) They cleaned my face with an anti-bacterial toner to remove residues of make-up and dirt. 
Making sure I have clean face before we start the Derma Roller.

2.) They applied numbing cream. 
So they can apply pressure when they roll the Derma Roller on my skin later on.

3.) They disinfected the Derma Roller using an alcohol.

4.) The 1st serum they applied while rolling the Derma Roller on my face is Vitamin C. 
They roll the Derma Roller to create tiny holes on my skin (they eventually close) while massaging the Vitamin C serum which was slowly applied to my skin.

5.) They applied more pressure on my cheeks since I have more prominent acne scars there.

6.) Step 4 was repeated but this time, Apple Stem Cell Serum was used.

7.) You are not allowed to wash your face for 8 hours. 
You must leave the serum on your face 'til you get home. 
(I suggest that you must have a car home or take a cab to avoid infection from the dirt and pollution.)

8.) Pop a Vitamin E and apply to your face. 
It will moisturize your face and it helps to speed up recovery.

9.) Be back after a month for another Derma Roller session.

10.) Don't forget to use sunblock to protect your newly Derma Rolled face. 
Based on my experience, my face feels itchy and stingy especially when its hot. 
As much as possible, stay away from the sun!

My second session of Derma Roller (April 1, 2015)

(This time, they applied more pressure than the first session causing my cheeks to bleed.)

After the first session, I somehow saw the difference. 
My scars was minimized and my face had peeled.

My third session of Derma Roller (May 30, 2015)

(Apple Stem Cell Serum on my face indicating the last step of Derma Roller)

(Right after I got home from Pretty Looks)

I am still using the products from "My Post-Acne Care" post except that 
I stopped using Papulex Isocorrexion Hydrating Cream, Blair Transcend Soap 
and SkinB5 Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets. 

I replaced them with Lab46 Remarkable Face Radiance Cream 
for whitening and for scars.

My last session of Derma Roller (September 30, 2015)

(Upper right: products used for maintenance)

Overall, I am happy that I have undergone Derma Roller procedure. 
It's as if my face gained a new skin. 

About 70-80% of my scars diminished.
I guess I have to undergo the same procedure to get rid of the 20-30% of the scar that was left on my face.

Months after, I bought a new product for me to try:

I still have to say that I'm hooked with the Lab46 Remarkable Face Radiance Cream.

It did wonders in lightening dark acne spots from a 
two or three pimple every time I get my period.

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