Etude House Honey Cera Cream

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Honey, honey, how this thrills me.
Uh huh, honey, honey...

Honey + Ceramide = Honey Cera

This Honey Cera line
is new and was launched in the Philippines
just this March 2016.

This is line is an anti-ageing line and suitable for people with dry skin.

(Photo from google)

(Photo from google)

Basically, the main ingredient to this product is
honey and ceramide.
So, what's with the honey and ceramide and what does it do for your skin


- It is naturally anti-bacterial agent which means it could help fight off pimples
- It also helps to slow down ageing
- It is moisturizing and soothing. Thus, making your skin glow.
- It helps unclog pores since it is also purifying


- It is a type of lipid found in the cell membrane of cells
- They act as a barrier against bacteria and environmental pollutants.
- Important for locking in moisture and prevents skin from drying.

Sounds good, right?

Honey Cera Cream is a nourishing and firming cream that provides 
dry skin with abundant nutrition and radiance.

(I hope Etude House would include some spatula in every box of creams for hygiene purpose.)

Royal Jelly
- It actually helps in slowing down skin ageing
- It protects you from sun aging

(I used my pinky to get a little amount of cream.)

My Aunt told me that a small amount (it should be pea size)
of the product is already enough. 
You actually don't need to put many of it
since the product would still work either way.

Only that, you'll be able to
maximize the length of days
in using the product with pea size amount.

(This is how it looks like when spread evenly.)

The product doesn't have the heavy feeling at all.
Usually, anti-ageing products have a heavy feeling 
and sometimes, it feels hot on the skin.


1. This product has honey and ceramide with a handful list of skin benefits
2. Doesn't have heavy feeling when applied to skin
3. It smells nice


There is no spatula to spoon for the product. 
You have to use your hands for it.

The product is not bad for Php 1,198.00
Especially for an anti-ageing product.
Usually, those cost more since it's a special product.

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