MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation in NC25

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A foundation that lives up to its key claims and benefits...

MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation gives up to 
15 hours of wear in any environmental condition.

(Photo from MAC Cosmetics)

A comfortable, long-wearing foundation that gives
medium coverage.

Lightweight and creamy, it applies and blends easily 
leaving the skin feeling soft and free
 to breathe all day while controlling oil. 

Specially treated micronized pigments help give a smoother, 
more flawless, 
natural matte finish 
with stay-true color.

Key Claims and Benefits:

1.) Long-wearing, 15 hours

2.) Transfer-resistant

3.) Oil-free

4.) Controls oil

5.) Provides stay-true color

6.) Sweat- and humidity-resistant

7.) Photo-friendly

8.) Dermatologist tested

9.) Ophthalmologist tested

10.) For all skin types

This MAC Pro Longwear was just a gift to me. 

They bought it at Duty Free Philippines for $39.50.
In MAC's website, it costs $33.00.

It is funny how they bought 2 bottles of MAC Pro Longwear just for me. 


1.) Apply to face using a sponge or foundation brush.

2.) Blend with fingers, sponge or brush.

Personally, when I am in a hurry
I tend to use my fingers on applying 
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation for a natural coverage.

If I have more time, 
I use sponge
for a more even application of the foundation.

And seldom that I use a brush on applying 
the foundation since it gives more coverage and 
it looks unnatural already.

For sure you don't want that kind of look, right?

One pump 
generates this amount of foundation 
enough for face coverage.

Another half pump 
for the neck coverage.

After using this for already a year, 
I can already see what key claims and benefits that worked and didn't.

1.) Long-wearing, 15 hours
- This product would last for a couple of hours but not necessarily 15 hours. 
Especially in the Philippines' weather, it's too hot and your make-up easily melts off.

2.) Transfer-resistant
- This product is not that waterproof at all. 
Thus, making it easily to wipe the foundation off with a tissue or handkerchief in an instant. 
And yeah, could easily transfer on clothes especially trying on clothes at clothing shops.

3.) Oil-free
- Haven't really paid much attention to this since my face is naturally on the oily side. 
If it's so, this would be safe for people who has acne prone skin.

4.) Controls oil
- Definitely a no on my case.

5.) Provides stay-true color
- This is definitely true if you have chosen the right color for you. 
I was once told that when you pick a shade for your foundation, 
pick one shade lighter than your neck.

6.) Sweat- and humidity-resistant
-Definitely a no

7.) Photo-friendly
- Definitely, yes! :) 
You'll appear as flawless as one of the models of 
MAC on your photos. 
Just make you sure you apply the product correctly and evenly on face.

8.) For all skin types
- As I've said before, 
upon using any product, 
do observe what it does to your skin.

This product could be sticky and heavy at times too. 
Especially when you go outside.

One must definitely use a make-up remover 
in order to remove the foundation 
which may block your skin's pores.

In my case, 
even after you remove it with a make-up remover 
and washing your face with facial cleanser, 
there are still some foundation residues left 
which can be removed using a toner.

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