DIY Derma Roller Procedure

Monday, May 30, 2016

Ste-by-step procedure on how to DIY Derma Roller Procedure...

Remember my post wherein I availed Pretty Looks' Derma Roller Procedure?

I paid Php 45,000.00 for 4 sessions of derma roller.

The scars I incurred from acne and facial procedures somehow 
cleared up (especially the crater looking scars) 
and my pores tightened.

Suddenly, I was staring at my self in front of the mirror 
and saw that some acne scars are still there

It is because they are too deep that they can't be done in just 4 sessions.

So, I resulted into buying my own derma roller and have the procedure done by myself.

I am not encouraging anyone to try this without the assistance of a doctor. 
I still advise that you guys avail this procedure at your trusted dermatologist.

Things Needed:

1.) Metacain DS (Lidocaine + Prilocaine)

- Lidocain is a tropical anesthesia used for derma rollers. 
I am not sure if these are available for purchase at your local drugstore 
without a prescription from a doctor. 
I bought mine from Lazada and costs around Php 1,500.00+

2.) MT Derma Roller

-  The needles I bought were about 1.0mm, just enough to induce collagen growth
I bought this one at Lazada too and costs around Php 700.00+

3.) Vitamin C Serum

- This was one of the serums used by Pretty Looks on me. 
Vitamin C is essential in terms of helping the skin to heal and repair itself.

4.) Apple Stem Cell Serum

- Alongside with the Vitamin C Serum, 
they also applied Apple Stem Cell Serum for the last step in the procedure.


1.) You need to wash your face prior to the derma roller procedure. 
This is to ensure that your face won't get infected.

2.) After softly patting your face to dry, on a cotton ball, 
apply an antibacterial toner and spread it on your face.

3.) Using cotton buds/Q tip, apply Metacain evenly on your face. 
Wait for 10-15 minutes or until your face gets numb enough for you to take the pain. 

4.) To test if your face is already numb enough for you to take the pain, 
try rolling the derma roller on your face. 
You will still feel pain even if you've applied too much of the Metacain. 
I hope you guys have high pain threshold.

5.) Wipe off the Metacain applied.

5.) Roll the derma roller on your skin at these directions:

(Photo from google)

6.) Upon rolling, make sure to add few drops of Vitamin C Serum 
on your face during and after rolling the derma roller.

7.) Repeat the same procedure on step 6 applying Apple Stem Cell Serum.

8.) Please refrain from wiping the excess serum on your face. 
Allow the serum to be absorbed by your face.

And for a few reminders:

1.) Please don't wash your face for 24 hours to avoid infection.

2.) Avoid sun exposure for at least 2 days. If you must, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out.

3.) Pop a Vitamin E soft gel and put it on your face. It will also help your face to heal itself.

4.) After 24 hours, you may wash your face using a mild facial wash.

Yes, it drew out some blood but not too much.
Like what they say in Filipino, 
"Tiis ganda talaga!"

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