Hiking/Trekking at Mt. Pamitinan

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Last May 8, 2016, me and my family went to 
Mt. Pamitinan at Rodriguez, Rizal 
to have a unique way of spending Mother's day.

One of my childhood friend and his friends have already went there. 
Later on, we planned to go there as well because their photos was stunning!

Historical Background:

Historical event that attracts tourism is contributory to the history of our country having been the site of the historical Pamitinan Cave where Gat. Andres Bonifacio together with 8 other Katipuneros declared their Independence against Spain in April 12, 1895, a year before the start of the Philippine Revolution.

The cave bears the inscription of Andres Bonifacio and followers: 
"Viva La Independencia".

Aside from the Historical Pamitinan Cave, it is also known in the Legendary Mountains of the giant Bernardo Carpio which according to legend, using his bare hands was able to stop the collision of two mountains from crushing the village along the riverbanks, the mountains are called Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binicayan.

Wawa Dam can also be found in the vicinity area which was built by the Americas in 1909 serving as supplier of water in greater Manila until its closure in 1962.

Pamitinan Protected Landscape is one of the Initial Components of National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS). It was proclaimed as protected landscape by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 901 due to its historical significance and biodiversity richness. The high species diversity of flora, the presence of endemic plants and animals, the different geological rock formations of varying sizes and shapes such as the cliffs, the ravines, the huge boulders and other unspoiled features of the park make it an ideal for recreation and tourist destination.

Ecotourism Activities:

1.) Hiking/Trekking
2.) Rock/Wall Climbing
3.) Swimming
4.) Picnicking
5.) Group Recreation
6.) Cave Exploration/Spelunking
7.) Sightseeing
8.) Photography/Photo Documentation
9.) Educational Tour/Field Trip

Visiting Time is from 5:00AM to 5:00PM (Monday to Sunday) only.


1.) DENR-PASu Sub-Office/Ticketing Booth
2.) Crops and Crafts Center
3.) Visitor's Information Center
4.) Multi-Purpose Hall
5.) Bagsakan Center
6.) Hanging Bridge going to Pamitinan Cave
7.) Concrete steps to Mt. Pamitinan Cave
8.) Trekker's/Biker's Path to Wawa Dam
9.) View Decks
10.) Picnic Area
11.) Cottages
12.) Rest Rooms
13.) Signages
14.) Parking Area


Entrance Fee - Php 20.00
Trekking Fee - Php 50.00/person
Caving Fee - Php 20.00/person
Tour Guide Fee - Php 500.00/ group of 5 persons (for Hiking Adventure)

Parking Fees:

Motorcycles - Php 15.00/day
Cars/Jeeps - Php 30.00/day
Bus - Php 150.00/day

Mountain's Descriptions:

1.) Mount Pamitinan
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 1.5 - 3 hours
Specs: Minor to Medium
Difficulty: 3/9 (pinoymountaineer); 5/9 (locals)
Features: Limestone formations, scenic views of Sierra Madre and Rizal province

2.) Mount Binicayan
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2 - 3 hours
Specs: Minor
Difficulty: 3/9 (pinoymountaineer); 5/9 (locals)
Trail class: 1 - 4

3.) Mount Hapunang Banoy
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2 - 3.5 hours
Specs: Medium
Difficulty: 4/9 (pinoymountaineer); 7/9 (locals)
Trail class: 1 - 4 with limestone scrambling

(View from the hanging bridge. Yep, some locals are taking a bath on the river.)

(View from the hanging bridge)

(My mom walking on the hanging bridge)

(Mom, Robert (childhood friend) and me)

(Couldn't bear having my solo photo while standing up. I'm afraid of heights. T_T)

(Happy Mother's Day, mommy! Stopped by at the junction for a 5-minute break before heading to the last trail to the peak.)

(We did it! Yayyyyy! At the very peak of Mt. Pamitinan! Yes, since I could stand heights, I needed someone to hold on to. XD)

Overall Experience:

I must say that we really had a great time hiking/trekking at Mt. Pamitinan.

This isn't the first time we went on a hiking/trekking. 
The first one was in Mt. Pinatubo around year 2007. 
Too bad that I didn't get to save my photos from my friendster account. :(

It was hard hiking/trekking up to the peak, but it is much harder going down. 
Especially after the junction part!

Me and my mom were actually picking on each other and even uttered the words, 
"Dapat kasi nagdala tayo ng Mang Tomas as lotion. Mukha na tayong lechon dahil sa araw!".
Hahaha! XD

I actually would love to hike again! ;) 
A great workout indeed. Hehehe!


1.) Wear proper hiking/trekking attire for comfortable movements.
- I personally wore a Nike fit shirt, Nike leggings and shoes. 
Please don't forget to bring jacket just in case you can't handle the sun. 
Heck, I think it's corny to hike with an umbrella. LOL!

2.) Wear sunscreen for skin protection

- Never ever underestimate the power of a sunscreen. This actually helps in preventing skin cancer. Plus it lessens the stinginess you feel when the sun hits your skin. I personally recommend using sunscreen higher than 50 such as VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport SPF70.

3.) Do some stretching before starting the hike/trek
- This is to avoid muscle cramps and to give your body some warm-up before the activity.

4.) Greet co-hikers/trekkers and tour guides when you came to cross paths with them
- Courtesy and respect. ;) It won't hurt when you do it.

5.) Savor every moment! ;)

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