Physiogel Hypoallergenic Calming Relief Face Cream

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The quest for finding that product suited for sensitive skin like me continues...

Can Physiogel Hypoallergenic Calming Relief Face Cream be the one?

I've been having bumps around my neck for weeks.
These bumps are kind of big and red in color. 
It doesn't even look good on my fair skin. 

Last Sunday, me and my mom went out for a massage at Banahaw Heals Spa (Malinta Branch).
The massage therapist/masseuse (whatever term pleases you) 
suddenly notices these big bumps around my neck.

She was actually the one who suggested to me to try 
Physiogel Hypoallergenic Calming Relief Face Cream.

One of her siblings uses that product. 
She even told me that I must have a 
sensitive skin (not to mention, a picky skin too!).

After our massage, my mom and I went straight to 
Mercury Drug to buy and test the said product.

So, Physiogel's promise is to reduce redness and to restore comfort.
This face cream is actually perfect for dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin.

Physiogel's Promise:

- Visibly reduces dry skin and redness
- Restores skin comfort for a healthy looking, even-toned complexion
- Hypoallergenic
- Free from preservatives, perfumes and colorants

How To Use:
Apply to freshly cleansed face.

Unlike the traditional creams we know, 
Physiogel's packaging comes with a handy pump as a dispenser.

Hygiene wise
this is good because you won't get to touch and contaminate the whole cream with your hands (especially if the cream you bought doesn't come with a spatula).

One pump of Physiogel dispenses this amount of product. 
This size is already good enough to spread on your face and neck.

Physiogel is claiming that 93% saw reduced redness in 2 weeks (tested by 169 women)
I've only started my day 1 today. 
I have 13 more days to see if this would work on me.
I've read somewhere that this should be used twice daily.

So far, since I have an oily skin, I should've applied a small amount on my skin. 
Because my skin already feels heavy from the moisturizer and CC cream.
Not to mention, 
the tremendous heat in the afternoon makes me sweaty and oil so much.

Physiogel Hypoallergenic Calming Relief Face Cream is not bad for Php 800.00.
It only has one size of 40ml.
The Promdi Girl - Marie said...

Hopefully it works for you, sissy.
Medyo mesheket yung price ha. Hehehe.

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