Getting a Non-Immigrant US Visa (Filipino Citizen - Student - School Purpose)

Friday, August 26, 2016

In order for me to attend a school immersion program in Washington DC and New York
I must be issued a US Visa prior to booking a plane ticket going there.

This post is based purely in my experience.
I am not connected to the US Embassy PH or any government institution.

Last June 24, no classes because it was Manila Day, 
me alongside with students who doesn't have US Visa 
have been scheduled for an interview at the 
US Embassy at 10:45AM.

Our Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form (DS-160) 
was already taken care of by a travel agency provided by our school. 
All we have to do was to fill up a sample form of DS-160,
then they'll be the one to accomplish it online. 

(Sample DS-160 Form)

We paid Php 10,000.00 for the visa/assistance fee

My mom got curious and asked other travel agency for a canvass of the fee. 
Mom said it was expensive since we aren't sure if we'll be granted 
a ten year multiple entry visa.

The travel agent told us to secure the following documents 
in case the consul would ask for it:

1.) NSO Birth Certificate

- This is always the first thing I was very worried about. 
This is because prior to my Japan trip last 2013-2014, 
been having problems with my late registered birth certificate. 

The one that was popping up at NSO's office is the first birth certificate registered 
by my mom which is full of error.

To cut the story short, 
I had to request a certified true copy of my petition 
for cancellation/correction of entries in my birth certificates.

Complicated huh? 

So better double check 
every information you'll put on your f
uture child/children's birth certificate. :P

2.) School Record

- Such as EAF (Enrollment Assessment Form), school identification card 
and any other official documents that would prove that we're students.


3.) Bank Certificate

- To prove that we have the capacity/means to pay for our expenses during the trip
It may or may not include your name. 
What's important is that your parent/s name should appear on the certificate.

(You need to specify the reason why are you requesting for a bank certificate and pay for certificate fee.)

4.) Previous Passport/s

- Some people brought theirs but I didn't. 
Good thing they didn't ask for it though.

5.) Invitation Letter

- Since we're going there for a 
leadership program by Osgood Center for International Studies
we had to print out a letter signed 
by Mr. Shelton Williams, President of Osgood

(Invitation letter sent to us individually thru email.)

6.) Letter from our School

- Letter states that the immersion exercise is officially sanctioned by the school
The letter also contains the list of the students and professors that will go to the trip.

The Interview:

So this is how it goes...

1.) You have to be in the area of US Embassy 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time
They discourage people going there too early.

2.) When your scheduled time is up, you fall in line
Then upon entering, there is someone who'll check the list whether your name is up. 
Then if it is, they'll stick a sticker at the back cover of your passport
If you're getting a visa/traveling as a group, you may tell the one in charge and they'll assist you.

3.) A quick reminder
Do not bring your cellphone/s, gadget/s, even charger or earphones
because they'll ask for you to leave it outside. 
In the case of my classmate, the security guard asked her to throw her earphones in a trash can.

4.) Bags will be checked under an x-ray machine.

5.) There are series of steps, you'll figure it out once you're in. 
Please do follow instructions.

6.) Be sure to review what you've indicated in the form and 
be confident in answering the consul's question/s.

There are no secrets in having your visa granted.
We actually heard a consul from another window rejecting a visa. 
As for the reason why, we don't know.

Regarding the length of stay, 
how many entries allowed or even how many years, 
me and my groupmates don't have any ideas 
on how to get the longest multiple entry visa.

Our Visa was annotated with 
Osgood Leadership Program - DC and NY - August 2016 - Single Entry.

If you're planning to get one, 
good luck! :)
Marie said...

10k for visa assistance? Wow! Ang mahal!
Ang galing ng post mo sissy, very informative! May mga tanong ako sayo. hahahaha. PM kita or better yet, magkita na tayo! :D

Yhllie said...

Yung binayaran ng agency sa US Immigration, nasa Php 8,000.00. Then yung Php 2,000.00, parang visa assistance fee ng agency.

Yeah, hope to see you soon! ;)

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