Drugstore Makeup Haul - CVS Pharmacy (Washington DC) - Cover Girl Katy Kat Matte

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It seems like every cosmetic products that has counterpart to expensive brands can be find there.
Before we head to US for our Osgood Activity, I've been searching online for cosmetic products that aren't easily found here in the Philippines.

My best friend, who happens to get to be a lipstick junkie, 
told me to get Cover Girl Katy Kat Matte lippies.

The first time we went to a CVS Pharmacy, 
I was amazed by how the store looked like.
Especially the cosmetics section! ;)

So as soon as I got my eyes on those lippies, 
I immediately hoarded them.
Though I wasn't able to buy the entire Katy Kat Matte lippies, 
I only choose the shades that I think would best fit my character and my skin tone.

So here are the Katy Kat Matte shades I bought:

KP01 - Sphynx (Sphinx)

KP02 - Pink Paws (Paluches Rosees)

KP06 - Cat Call (Miaou-Minet)

Katy Kat Matte being a demi-matte lipstick
this will glide smoothly on the lips 
and at the same time would give a matte feeling 
without the feeling of extreme dryness that matte lippies give.

However, this is not long lasting compared to matte lipsticks.
So, constant retouch is needed when you feel or see that your lippie is wearing off.

Regarding the scent of these lipsticks, it gives off the smell of wax
Though personally, I got addicted to it. 
Hahaha! ;) 
But a colleague of mine said that the scent wasn't her thing.

The price of these babies are $9.29 each
Not bad, right?

Katy Kat Matte Swatches:

Me and my mom fell in love with the shade of Sphynx. 
I personally believe that this shade would fit any skin color, effortlessly

Here are the other shades of Katy Kat Matte:

(Photo from google)

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