The Face Shop Signature Eyes in #04 Cashew Brown

Sunday, January 22, 2017

First post for the year 2017 is all about The Face Shop Signature Eyes in #04 Cashew Brown.
This eyeshadow palette caught my attention since I was looking for an eyeshadow makeup that I think I can pull off during day time. So I opted for natural looking eyeshadow color. Yayyyy!

One thing is for sure, the packaging caught my attention. Hahaha!
It looks simple and regal. 
Maybe because of the gold and grey color on the box.

This eyeshadow quad creates dramatic eyes with a soft, light feel, like fresh flowers in bloom.

Unlike other eyeshadow makeups, The Face Shop doesn't have a name for their shades in this particular palette.
I wish they have though.
I'm a sucker too for cute named shades. ;)

Sorry if the photo doesn't give justice to the beauty of the case.
It's basically gold in color.
The Face Shop's seal makes it look regal, like the ones you see in European royal letters with seals on it.

Haven't really taken off the plastic from the mirror, so it looked like that.
I kind of hate it when the makeup messes up the mirror. ><

(Top Left: shade A, Top Right: shade B, Lower Left: shade C and Lower Right: shade D)

How To Use:
1. Using your fingertip, apply shade A over your entire eyelid.
2. Using the thick shadow tip, apply shade B in the crease.
3. Using the thick brush, blend shade C on your lower eyelid.
4. Using the pointed tip, apply shade D along the eyeline.

It comes with 4 brush tips
Beginners in makeup need not to worry about not having the right brushes (with long handles) in the meantime.

(Swatches of each eyeshadow shade of #04 Cashew Brown)

Here are other shades available:

#01 Wearable Gold

#02 Rose Quartz

#03 Stone Violet

Php 995.00

Will I repurchase?
Maybe no, I opt to try other line of eyeshadows from The Face Shop and other Korean brands too.

Here's what The Face Shop Signature Eyes in #04 looks like.
Though I didn't exactly do what the instruction says. Hahaha!

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