Seasons Colored Contact Lenses in Winter Hazel

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's been months since the first time I've worn a graded eyeglasses.
I was hesitant at first since I couldn't accept the fact that 
eyeglasses are now a necessity in my life.

As months go by, wearing eyeglasses causes pain on the bridge of my nose.
Probably because of the weight of the glasses.
So, I decided to switch to using contact lenses for the nth time.
Nth time because I've worn contact lenses during high school for beauty purposes. Lol!
This will be the first time that I am going to wear a graded one.

Since eyeglasses and contact lenses sold in malls are expensiv
(since they have to sell their product in a higher price to accommodate the expense of the rent), 
me and my mom decided to go back to Sta. Cruz, where we initially bought our eyeglasses.

Ms. Reshma of Reshma Optical Shop offered me 
G&B Laboratories Inc.'s Seasons Colored Contact Lenses.
I asked her if there is an available graded contact lens suited for me, then she said yes.

Product's Description:

Seasons are conventional colored contact lenses 
designed with carefully calculated radial edge and excellent surface wettability 
which make it extremely comfortable to wear
it makes you forget that you are wearing them.

In addition, 
its high-definition aspheric design and UV blocker feature 
enables you to see things clearly while staying protected.

No wonder Seasons is recommended for everyday use.

Ms. Reshma asked me if what color of contact lens do I prefer.
Since I have tried the brown one, and oh man
it didn't look good on my face's overall appearance.
I decided to ask her what color she thinks would suit me.

Then she said, Winter Hazel.
I decided to give that color a try.

Upon seeing the contact lens through its glass bottle,
there is a mixture of hazel brown and green color on the lens.

And also, it is good for 6-months use.
I am using it along with New Look Multi-Purpose All-in-One Solution.

I was hesitant at first since I have tried 
wearing green contact lenses during our graduation 
ceremony in high school and it made me look as if I'm a snake

This contact lens I have right now doesn't correct astigmatism.
Though I was told by Ms. Reshma that they have contact lenses
that do correct astigmatism. 
I might as well try them after 6-months.

How To Use:

1. Before anything else, 
make sure you have washed and dried your hands.

2. Using a contact lens tweezer, 
pick the lens from the container and place them on your index finger.
Make sure that the contact lens is in its proper position.

3. Place the contact lens in your eye by looking either upward or forward.

4. Then blink. It will gradually position itself on your eyes.

Things To Remember:

1. Do not sleep with your contact lens in your eyes.
Make sure to remove them when you get home.

2. Always bring a handy solution and eye drops in case
you feel that your eyes are dry.

3. Do not interchange the Left lens and the Right lens,
especially if your eyes have different grades.
Most contact lens container has caps that has an R on it.

4. Make sure your tweezers are clean before picking
your lenses from the container.

4. It is good to have your eyes checked by an Ophthalmologist before
purchasing your contacts.
This will ensure that you get to have the right lenses for your eyes.

Overall, Seasons Colored Contact Lens
is a great product for people who wants to
interchange the use of their eyeglasses 
for days when they don't feel like wearing one.

I have to take note that on my next purchase,
it should be able to correct my astigmatism,
more breathable, comfortable and long-wearing one.

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