Sloane Inc. White Plasma S6.5

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I have found a high-tech serum that is high concentrated with quick absorbing formula that helps to give your skin a radiant and illuminated glow!

Sloane Inc. White Plasma S6.5 can give you a look like you've got a bright future after all!

Sloane Inc. is an innovative beauty retailer based on Singapore
that offers unbiased selection of the best doctor-inspired
and scientifically-proven medical grade skincare.

All products are allergy tested.
However, since no skin is alike, they urge their
consumers to do a patch test of the product on the inside
of their wrist area to ascertain its compatibility.

Some products can't be used by pregnant and lactating mothers
since some ingredients may not be suitable
during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Product Description:

Optimal for problematic skin with color woes
this high-tech facial serum not only
is oil-free and hydroquinoine-free but also excels in helping
pesky discoloration make a quick disappearing act.

This ultra concentrated, quick-absorbing formula targets
age, sun and dark spots with a dual-function approach:
first, it immediately corrects discoloration 
and evens skin tone
with vitamin C and tyrosinase inhibitors.

Then it helps retain your newfound radiance with skin illumination factors.

Active Ingredients:

Tranexamic Acid
Absorbic Acid

Benefits of the Active Ingredients:

1. Tranexamic Acid
- man-made form of an amino acid (protein) called lysine.
-prevents enzymes in the body from breaking down blood clots.

2. Ascorbic Acid
-also known as Vitamin C
-protects body's cells from damage

Specially designed pump to dispense the product for
spill-free and easy product dispensing.

I do believe that this product's container is airless.

Containers like these protect sensitive products from 
excessive exposure from air.

Product users can almost use all of the products inside
the bottle without any waste left.

One pump dispenses this amount of serum.
This is already good for the face and neck.

Basically, the serum is transparent in color.
And also, unscented.


Apply to clean face twice a day (morning and night)
before moisturizer.

**I've been using the White Plasma serum for a week and I've
been noticing some changes on my skin already.
There's this certain glow I got from using the product
and it did even out my skin tone.

Sorry for the face. Lol!
Wasn't able to have a decent before and after photo.

This photo was taken on the 3rd day of using the product.

I have noticed on this photo the glow that Sloane Inc.
has promised upon using the product.

It's as if I put some CC Cream, but I swear I didn't. 

***Next, I'll be putting the Clarifying Gel to a test for a week.

I won't be using the White Plasma serum for now to give way
for the Clarifying Gel's results.

Then a week after the review of the Clarifying Gel,
I'll be using both products and put them to a test too.

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