Sloane Inc. Clarifying Gel S5.5

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sloane Inc. Clarifying Gel S5.5 is a genius ultra-light gel
that reduces shine visibly
and tackling clogged pores
and bacteria at the same time.

Without further adeu, here's my review of Sloane Inc. Clarifying Gel S5.5!

Sloane Inc.'s Promise:

-Soothes as it clarifies, reducing sensitivity
and redness for a clearer complexion.


-Apply this ultra-light gel onto dark spots/marks twice a day
after using Sloane Inc. White Plasma S6.5 for better results

-Just like any other skin care products,
allow the product to be absorbed by your skin for 3 minutes
before putting another product on your skin.

This product does feel sticky at first,
but then it disappears when
your skin gets to absorb the product.

I have yet to test the product for a month since
it takes time for the dark spots to lighten.

I guess every product takes time to take effect.

But what I did notice,
some of dark spots on my chest area
(since I don't have too much dark spots on my face)
lightened in just two weeks.

I am guessing that within a month or two,
the dark spots will lighten as if nothing happened.

I am happy to announce to everyone that I was picked
by Sloane Inc. to be their
beauty ambassador!

This is such a big honor!

*I will update this post for the before and after
photos after one or two months,
or up until the dark spots disappear.

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