Fundraiser for Antoine's Open Heart Surgery

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Good day everyone!

On behalf of my previous guidance counselor during grade school 
and high school, and who have been my 2nd mother, 
I am asking for any help you can give for 
Antoine's Open Heart Surgery on December 7, 2017.

"Antoine is a 4yo boy who was diagnosed to have a congenital heart disease, pulmonary valve atresia with intact ventricular septum at two weeks of age. He presented with cyanosis on crying and a murmur that was progressively getting louder.  He underwent PDA stenting and balloon arial septostomy at 2 weeks of age.  This procedure afforded him relief of the cyanosis, but the stent thrommbosed early and he underwent the second stage surgery for a Glenn Shunt at 4 months old.  

Since infancy until present time, there has not been any cardiac interventions.  Intermittent monitoring of the cardiac function was done by echocardiography.  During the early part of this 2017, there was a note of mild recurrence of the cyanosis, which has further progressed to a resting room air saturation of 70-75%(99% for a normal person).   He was started on oral bicarbonate to help alleviate the expected metabolic acidosis.  Last July 2017, he was brought to the catheterization laboratory to assess the status of the Glenn shunt and to determine the feasibility of performing stage 3 Fontan surgery.  There was good flow through the Glenn circuit with a minor left pulmonary artery stenosis due to the previously inserted PDA stent during infancy.  The stenosis can be corrected during the Fontan surgery.

He is being scheduled for the 3rd stage Fontan completion surgery to be performed in December 7, 2017.  Due to the chronic nature of the heart disease and the repeated surgical interventions performed thus far, the family is requesting for assistance to allew them to complete the last surgery for Antoine.  This is theoretically the final open heart surgery for this type of cardiac illness.  However, repeat angiography and echocardiography will need to be performed during his lifetime.

Thank you for all support that you can provide."

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Thank you!

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