Miniso Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream

Friday, December 22, 2017

This light textured cream that gives your skin
plenty of moisture and nourishment.
And at the same time,
won't break your bank.

Miniso Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream
is actually just the same with the

The only difference that I could say
is the consistency of the product.

The lotion one is watery in consistency.
And the cream is slightly thicker in consistency.

The bottle is made of glass,
but still handy to carry during travels.
Just be careful where you put them!
You don't want it to get broken
and mess your bag.

It doesn't come up with a spatula,
so be sure that your hand is clean before
scooping some product.

Or, if you were able to keep
a spatula from another product who has it,
the better.

Hygienic purposes, ladies and gents.

This amount of cream can be used
all over your face and neck.

The key to every skin care is
how you apply them and
not how much of the product
you put on your face.

After putting a toner on your face,
apply the cream and massaged it gently
on your face.

Like the lotion,
I didn't encounter any bumps after using
this for a week.

Still, this cheap moisturizer from
Miniso does it promise of
hydrating your skin
and makes it glowing!

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