Executive Optical Haul - Flexwear Colors Contact Lens in Peppermint and Anthologie Eyeglasses

Sunday, February 4, 2018

You'll never go wrong in trusting Executive Optical
for your eye care needs...

The very reason why I visited EO's stall in SM Megamall
was to buy contact lenses for an Anime themed Christmas Party.

I bought my costume at Vogue Royal Le Croix/Vogue Royal Cosplay
at their shop in Quezon City.

Supposedly, I'm going to buy either
a maid cafe costume or a Card Captor Sakura costume
but unfortunately,
they are all out of stock.

I settled for a Date A Live - Kurumi Tokisaki costume
since it's the only outfit that could fit my body.

Apparently, I wasn't able to imitate the color of 
the character's eyes since
the other one is in red 
and the other, in yellow.

Practically speaking,
since I am not really into the art of cosplay,
I won't be able to use the said colors of contact lenses
for everyday use.

I actually wonder how will people react to me
if I wore it on a daily basis.
They'll probably freak out if I did!

I settled for Flexwear Colors Contact Lenses in Peppermint

At first, you'll notice three different colors - Black, Blue and Green.

Product Description:
Flexwear contact lenses lets you change your eye color with lenses
that offer you comfort and the best value possible in a soft cosmetic lens.
You want people to notice you and not just the color of your eyes.
Because of this Flexwear Colors uses a tinting process 
to produce more natural, and realistic color changes.

Lens Type:
Three (3) Months disposable soft contact lenses

Material and Percentage of Content:
45% polymer (Methafilcon A)

Water Percentage and Content:

Other Colors (2 Tone and 3 Tone Lens):
Charcoal (Grey), Coffee (Brown), Amethyst (Violet), Cinnamon (Brown),
Peppermint (Green), and Ultramarine (Blue)

I have tried Cinnamon, Amethyst and Ultramarine
during my high school years.

I have also tried having Green colored contact lenses,
but I forgot which line of contact lenses from EO it was.

At first look,
I really thought the Peppermint color would be a bluish one
since I was just relying on the actual displayed contact lenses.

But boy I was wrong,
it was actually on the greenish side!

I am not really into green colored contact lenses
since it reminds me of the eyes of a snake.

Since I also ran out of solution,
I availed EO's Flexwear All-in-1 Solution.
It already disinfects, preserves, lubricates, cleans & rinses,
and removes protein.

Bought the 60ml for Php 75.00
since it's handy, it won't occupy too much space
in your bag and for emergency purposes.

I was advised by EO's in-house doctor that I could wear contact lenses
but for only a short period of time.

The doctor found out that my astigmatism got higher
since I am not wearing my glasses on a daily basis.

In my defense,
I told him that my previous glasses were already giving me
headaches whenever I wear them.

Only to find out that if this happens,
I have to get my eyes checked to see
if I need to have another set of graded lenses.
Noted on this, doc!

I immediately approached my mom who happens
to be choosing eyeglasses frame from
the promo corner of the stall.

She has been complaining about her eyeglasses
that doesn't fit her eyesight anymore.

Since her grade is higher than mine,
she opted to look for eyeglass frames which are
lighter in weight.

Then she showed me a variety of Anthologie eyeglass frames.
They were very light in weight and 
they have a wide variety of frames in different sizes and colors
that would suit your taste!

The frame that I had reminded me of my very first glasses,
only this was light in weight and with a thinner frame.

I opted for a regular type of lenses.
My previous glasses was a multi-coated and has transition type
of lenses.

I paid Php 2,075.00 for the eyeglasses.

So far, it was worth it!
The lightness of my Anthologie eyeglasses
actually made me feel as if I'm not wearing glasses at all!

One of the factors for this could be my grade.
My eyeglasses' grade plays around +0.75 and +0.25,
not really a big deal compared to my mom's grade.

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