Executive Optical Flexwear Allure Contact Lens in Natural Brown

Saturday, July 28, 2018

This contact lens gives a subtle change of color
and doll-eye effect.

Another affordable product from Executive Optical!

My love for contact lenses is coming back...
Having a bad eyesight is a challenge especially that I have an astigmatism.

During my previous check-up at EO,
I was advised not to wear contact lenses for a long period of time.
Ordinary contact lenses doesn't help with my astigmatism.

I haven't tried purchasing toric lenses since they are
a bit pricey.
EO has toric lenses for about Php 3,000.00+ a pair.

So I settled with EO's Allure Contact Lens line.

Product Description:

Lens Type: Twelve (12) months conventional colored lenses
Package Details: One (1) soft contact lens immersed in buffered saline solution
Material and % of content: 62% poly2-HEMA
Water % content: 38%
Natural Design Diameter: 14.5
Symmetry and Script Design Diameter: 14.0

Other Colors:


Php 520.00 with free EO Flexwear All-in-1 Solutions at EO's shop 
in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons
Php 720.00 at EO's website (not sure if it comes with a free solution)

(Indoor Lighting)

(Outdoor/Natural Light)

(Flash from my iPhone's Camera)

I am not a big fan of contact lenses that gives you
doll-eyed effect since I consider my eyes already big.
And it doesn't suite with my big eyebags...

I am more into natural looking lenses that enhances your eyes
and natural sizes of contact lenses, about 14.0mm or 14.2mm.

I ended up buying 14.5mm since I didn't do 
my research prior to purchasing...

Overall, I recommend this product for people who wanted to have
doll-eyed effect. 

I don't know if it's just me but the EO Flexwear Solution is not compatible with me. 
It was hard to wear my Allure contact lens for more than 3 hours with that solution. 

This is why I ordered another contact lenses from EO online!

I purchased another line of contact lens from the Flexwear Emotions series 
and since I already have a Natural Brown color, 
I opted to buy the Grey Mist.

Watch out for my review once the product arrives!
Along with the new solution I'm using which made
my contact lenses comfortable to wear. :)

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