Himalayan Salt Lamp

Monday, August 27, 2018

This Himalayan Salt Lamp is believed to have various health benefits
aside from being a decorative light in your room...

(Himalayan Salt Lamp with plastic on it)

I got this lamp last January of this year.
I was very excited since I heard about the health benefits this lamp gives
aside from being a decorative light at home.

I received this lamp that comes with a blue box.
The brand name I think is Salt Crystal Lamp.
The product was made in China.

There were actually some salt sheds while I removed the plastic.
The curious me took a taste of it to really see if it was made from salt.
And hell yeah, it was! 

(Himalayan Salt Lamp, plastic removed)

Product Definition:

Millions of years ago, a primordial sea was evaporated
by the sun, leaving absolutely pristine crystalline salt.
Today, this crystal salt, buried deep in the Himalayan
Mountains, is mined and processed gently by hand to
bring you a salt that still retains the original qualities
of this ancient body of water. Himalayan crystal salt
is the most beautiful places on the planet, which is the
most pure salt, still like the ancient deep sea salt and
pure, and contains all the elements in the human body
we can find.

Salt Lamp Features:

- Release negative ions, effectively improve air quality.
- The release of negative ions can purify air effectively,
obviously alleviate conditions such as asthma and
nasal allergy symptoms.
- The unique natural orange pink can relieve pressure,
create a comfortable space environment.
- Low is recognized as has great role in color therapy products.
- The role of low environmental protection and health care.

(Since I've been using this since January of this year, the texture have somehow
smoothen since the lamp had melt from time to time.)

Maintenance Method:

- Himalayan crystal salt lamp can attract moisture, so please don't place the salt crystal lamp
washing or in outdoor.
- In case of special wet weather, used plastic bags packaged up, or will continue
for salt lamp lit to keep dry.
- Before reapplying please make sure all the electrical wiring, the light bulb
is equipped with dry.

(When lit to the brightest setting)

I apologize for the wrong grammars in the product definition, salt lamp features,
and maintenance method.
I just copied them from the box provided.

(Current state/look of our Himalayan Salt Lamp)

We placed a plate below the lamp since it melts from time to time
especially when we turn the lamp off, and to collect salt sheds too.

Based on experience, this lamp must be turned on always
to avoid melting and salt shed.
If it's not possible to have it on always,
always place a dry rag near the lamp's base to absorb all the moisture/water.

The natural ions that is emitted from the Himalayan Salt Lamp
changes the electrical charge of the circulating air.
It was said that it also cleans the air of the room where you placed the lamp.

The color of the light emitted from the lamp also boost your mood.
The yellowish, orangey color of the light helps you relax.
This is great for people who have insomnias.
Though I suggest to dim the light when you're about to sleep.
In my experience, the brighter the light emitted by the lamp,
the more I get energized by it.

However, there are still no proven evidence behind all the health benefits
the lamp could give.
But I do believe that this product has helped me with my asthma,
allergies and also, helped me to relax and to sleep well.

Have you tried or have a Himalayan Salt Lamp at home?
Type in your experience/s on the comment section!

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