6D Eyebrow Microblading by Brush N' Brows Beauty Studio (Ms. Cris Yumang-Jao)

Friday, February 15, 2019

Not good in doing your brows?
Do you have sparse or missing brows?
Then this post is for you!

Wake up with perfect brows!
6D Eyebrow Microblading by Brush N' Brows Beauty Studio,
Ms. Cris Yumang-Jao!

As you all know, 
I have an existing eyebrow tattoo created using the shading technique back in 2014.
And as the years go by, it already faded and was already out of position on my face.

My previous eyebrow tattoo clinic has significantly raised their prices
that's why I didn't have my brows retouched anymore.
My mom didn't like how my brows looked like before since they look thin, long and round in shape.
My face is already round and having a round eyebrows doesn't accentuate my face shape.

Because of that, I tried to have it lightened or removed using peeling toners
such as Maxi Peel but to no avail...
I know that laser removal will only cost me a lot of money so I didn't try it anymore.

Then I gave up and tried to fix it everyday using an eyebrow pencil.
The problem is... I am not good in doing my brows!
The very reason why I had my brows tattooed!

(The night before the microblading procedure.
Face is drenched in fresh Aloe Vera gel, 
hoping to calm my sandy textured face due to food allergy.)

That's why I decided to have it covered with 
6D Eyebrow Microblading by Brush N' Brows Beauty Studio, Ms. Cris Yumang-Jao!

Date of 6D Eyebrow Microblading Procedure:
February 09, 2019

(Photo grabbed from Cvy Brush N Brows Facebook page.
This was after our procedure at Malolos, Bulacan Branch.
She also have a branch in Quezon City and soon-to-open branch in San Juan City!)

I've known Ms. Cris since I was in 2nd year college in CSB.
She had her training in microblading at PhiBrows.
I've seen all her works on her Facebook pages and how natural it looked!

Check it out here:

What is Microblading?

- It is a semi-permanent makeup. 
- The aim of it is to mimic real brow hairs using small blades 
to make small cuts on the eyebrows.
- Can completely restore sparse or missing brows

(Photo from Google)

Procedure and Experience:

1. Ms. Cris will assess and sketch your ideal eyebrow 
according to your facial structure.

2. She will now then apply topical anesthesia to make 
the whole process painless and bearable for you.

3. Lay back and relax! 
You'll have your beautiful brows ready in 2 hours...
Ps. Varies per client

(Before photo on the lower left side)

It doesn't end after the first session...
After 4-6 weeks, you're going to have your touch up session.

Here's what you need to know for After Care:

1. You may already wash your face after 30 minutes using only mild soaps
such as Cetaphil. 
Personally, I use Dove Sensitive as it has been
prescribed by my Allergist

2. Apply a very thin layer of Skin Candy also known as PhiShield.
This is given after the procedure and while Ms. Cris' discusses the post
treatment for your newly microbladed brows.

3. No makeup should be applied over your brows for 7 days.

For more details, please see photo below...

(Photo from PhiShop.com)

(Photo from Google)

What is PhiShield Skin Candy?

- A cream made of natural ingredients and based on Bee Wax.
This allows skin to breathe and hence heal faster and better.

- Please do remember that Skin Candy is NOT a petroleum jelly!
Do not substitute it!


Please contact Ms. Cris for the price and for more details.

Here's my update before my touch up session:

Day 1:
My brows feel thick and darker in color but this is normal.
I applied Skin Candy after my first face wash and it doesn't feel thick anymore.

Day 6:
Majority of the scabs have already fell off from my eyebrows.
My eyebrows are still peeling.
My eyebrows have already lighten in color.

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