Executive Optical Flexwear Emotions Contact Lens in Grey Mist (Gray)

Sunday, June 16, 2019

As you all could remember, I am not fond of my previous contact lens
which is the Executive Optical Flexwear Allure in Natural Brown
because of its diameter.

Several months before its expiration, I bought a new one...

And I fell in love with it the first time I tried it on!

From time to time, I wanted to take a break from wearing eyeglassses.
Especially, when there are parties and events.
Plus, it seems the trend in wearing colored contacts is back.

Product Description:

Lens Type: 1 year disposable contact lenses
Package Details: Two colored contact lenses immersed in buffered saline solution
Material and Percentage of Content: 62.5% polymer (Tefilcon A)
Water Percentage of Content: 38%
BC: 8.6
DIA: 14.0

As usual, it came with a free contact lens solution.
My eyes aren't comfortable with this and opted to try a new contact lens solution.
Will post the brand and my review about it soon!

After changing the brand my contact lens solution, 
I felt more comfortable wearing my contact lens longer!

My mom used to say that I look innocent whenever I wear this contact lens.

I bought this pair online thru EO's official website.
I can't remember how much it was but it was less than Php 1,000.00.

Not bad! :)

(This is how the contact lens looked when worn. 
Not really sure if you could see any difference but I could see a glow-up look.


Last June 3, 2019, I learned that the grade of my eyes got worst.
Not to mention, my astigmatism got worst too!

I asked the doctor in EO if there is any chance I could wear contact lenses again.
She told me that I have to get rid of my astigmatism first in order to wear one again...

But I've seen some contact lenses that caters for people with astigmatism...

Have you worn or tried one?

What brand would you suggest?

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