Hong Kong 2019 - BudgetAir for Roundtrip Flight (Philippine Airlines) and Agoda (Boutique 1946 Inn Hotel)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I must warn you... we don't really have a lot of photos from this trip. Lol!
This is our nth time in Hong Kong - our usual travel destination!
More like shopping destination... ;)

We didn't book our trip thru a travel agency, we did it DIY since we've been
going to Hong Kong since I was 6 years old.

My mom told me we only need to book for a 
Roundtrip Airfare Ticket and a Hotel...

(Photo from Google)

Booking our Roundtrip Airfare Tickets:

I searched using Google for low roundtrip airfare tickets. I stumbled upon 
a website called skyscanner. I believe this is also available as apps
for mobile phones.

After picking the airline that is within our budget limit, I was redirected
to a website called BudgetAir.

I should've read some blog reviews about BudgetAir before booking with them
but I was rushing because I need to have them booked ASAP.

So I booked a flight: departure from Manila at 7:55AM and 
departure from Hong Kong at the evening.

Upon receiving the flight itinerary, the evening departure from Hong Kong
was changed to afternoon. You might tell me that maybe I didn't double check it
but trust me, I did double check it and I was even wearing my eyeglasses.

So I emailed them for a flight change insisting that I booked for an 
evening departure from Hong Kong. I was met with proposals of charges for the flight change.
Told my mom about it and she said not to bother with it anymore.

As our flight was nearing, they sent some flight changes from Philippine Airlines.
Then it was posted in the itinerary that we don't have check-in luggages available.

I directly contacted Philippine Airlines to confirm our flight details and was told that we
still have our check-in luggage.

I then confronted BudgetAirPH about their services and was able to read some bad reviews about them on google, twitter and facebook.

It was very hard to communicate with them thru email. They'll answer about 4-days and a week, max! I read other reviews about calling them, but they also wouldn't answer plus it'll be more expensive.

I vowed that this will be the first and last time that I'll be booking with them.
The best way to book your flight is to go directly to your chosen airline. :)

(Photo from Google)

Booking our Hotel Accommodation:

The criteria I'm looking for our hotel for this trip are:
within our budget limit, within city area, 3pax in only 1 room
with nearest bus and train station, few shops and restaurant nearby.

I was able to look for our ideal hotel at Agoda.
I booked our accommodation at Boutique 1946 Inn Hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

(Reception Area; Photo from Google)

(The wall you would see upon entrance, filled with tips and notes from
previous customers. Photo from Google)

(Triple Room; Photo from Google)

(Current look of the Triple Room. Photo from Google)

The hotel was along Cameron and Nathan Road. My mom said that the streets rang a bell 
to her and I booked it right away.

The place looked like an AirBnb. It was said in the hotel details that this is a 1-star hotel.

Some of you might say "Oh, it's just a 1-star hotel. Is it any better?"...
Hell yes! Usually 1-2 star hotels aren't that bad. 

They actually have more accommodating and friendly staffs. 
In our case, we had an amazing host/owner
Mr. Benny was the one who welcomed us at his hotel.

He told us not to worry regarding the protests going on in the streets of Hong Kong.

For a 4-days and 3-nights of stay, we paid around Php 18,000.00
which we find very worth our money since the hotel has met all our criteria.
We were given daily replenishment of towels and even toiletries. 

There's also a pantry with free water and tea. 
There's also a refrigerator wherein you could put some of your drinks or foods
for later consumption.

If given another chance to travel to Hong Kong, 
I won't hesitate to book with them again. :)

Overall, I was just happy that we're able to travel to Hong Kong again.
Though a part of me was missing since we didn't go to Disneyland nor to Ocean Park.

Though my mom wanted to buy some jewelry since most of the shops are on sale, 
ranging from 50-70% off!

I was able to buy my limited edition Adidas Ultraboost 19: Toy Story Buzz Lightyear
at around less than Php 7,000.00! A friend told me that an ultraboost edition
here in the Philippines would cost around Php 12,000.00!
Marie said...

I remember the hassle and stress your airline reservation gave you. Much better pa if sa Traveloka ka nag book. No hassle at all. But it's all done. Hahahaha. Next time nalang! :D

Yhllie said...

@Marie Oo nga sissy eh. Hahaha! Yes, next time talaga!

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