Avon PH Makeup Haul

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Every Filipino's go-to make up brand...

Check out my Avon PH Makeup Haul!

I've been familiar with this brand since every helper and employee
 we had at home has been using an Avon PH product.
From their perfumes, to their lotion, deodorant, and make ups.

A tita of mine in the province sells Avon PH.
The funny thing is when you get a hold of their brochure, it takes a lot of
self-restriction not to buy one. 

PS. Don't mind the water mark on the photos since these were taken before
I did some minor changes with my blog.

Below are the make up products I bought:

Simply Pretty Shine No More Pressed Powder in Almond

Provides matte finish and instantly gets rid of oil and shine to keep 
your make up intact all day.


The product is just ok. It does have a lot of fall out when
you hit the product with either a brush or sponge.

Simply Pretty Clear Mascara

Curls and condition your lashes to give you seriously amazing eye look
without needing a lash curler.


I beg to disagree that you wouldn't need a lash curler especially
if you're an Asian. Asian eyelashes are thick, hard and usually straight
pointing downwards.

Using the product alone won't give your lashes a lift and curl.
That's why you still need to use an eyelash curler for it.

I actually love to use this as a brow mascara than a lash mascara.
This can help you achieve a feathered looking brows by applying this upwards.

(Photo from Google)

Simply Pretty Long Lash Mascara

Flirty lashes that dazzle everyone.
Lengthens lashes in just 2 coats.


The mascara has been said to be waterproof but it isn't waterproof enough
for the oiliness of my skin and for the weather here in the Philippines.

The product is just ok but it doesn't really give you the "eyelashes on fleek" look.

Perfectly Matte Lipstick

An extremely smooth, completely matte lipstick that never cakes, cracks
or compromises.
Seals in moisture for a lightweight and velvety feel.


I actually like this lipstick!
Though it says that it's a matte finish, it still glides smoothly on your lips
with a velvety feel and dries into matte.

It also has a bubblegum scent, a Bazooka bubblegum scent to be exact.

Sorry, I forgot the shade name of the lipstick.

Overall Verdict:

I think all Avon PH products are affordable especially for teens who are
still studying and has a limited budget in buying their make ups.
I think every Filipino people has had their fair share experience of using
Avon PH products.

Were you able to use an Avon PH product before?
Tell me on the comment section below! ;)

(Here's my full look of using all the products above)

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